Working QuadTrac

QUADTRAC tractors have positive drive tracks, rather than the friction drive type that is used by the competitive two-track system. This means the drive wheel has driving cogs that engage with a molded lug on the track assembly, and as the drive wheel rotates, the track assembly is propelled. This assures a positive drive, improved braking and overall control of the tractor.

The unique design of this tractor also allows both the front and rear axle to be equipped with a differential lock for improved traction. Two track systems cannot offer this feature because their steering control is tied to the two tracks.

By incorporating internal wet brakes in the axle assembly, the braking system has been improved over conventional 4WD tractors that locate their braking system on the driveline.


  • The 12 speed power shift transmission offers smooth, effortless shifting.
  • Case bar-type axles are designed exclusively for QUADTRAC tractors for strength and durability.
  • 30 in. wide tracks are STANDARD for improved flotation.
  • Wet disc brakes— front and rear—allow big load braking capability.
  • Differential locks, front and rear for better traction are STANDARD.
  • Full power IPTO is available to operate grain carts and large PTO driven equipment.
  • The electronic pulse shift powershift transmission makes it easy to select speeds.
  • The exclusive Skip Shift™ feature lets operators move from 1st to 4th to 6th to 8th gear—about 8 mph (5.9 kph) in just three seconds.